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Pawnbroking/Buy Backs

If you need to raise money in the short-term then buy-back is a quick and simple way of achieving this at reasonable rates. We will assess and value the item(s), buy-back prices will be agreed with you before finalising the transaction.

With buy-back the contract is generally set for 28-days enabling you to come back within that time to buy-back your item. During the contract period your item will be safely stored in a safe, keeping it secure until you either come back to buy it or the contract period ends.

If you do not return to buy back the item within the agreed contract period then the item will be sold. Your credit rating will not be affected.

If you need money for a longer period of time then pawnbroking offers a loan for up to six months. The interest rates will vary depending on the amount of the loan. The item will be held until the loan has been repaid or the six months have passed.

Your item will be valued and it will be up to you whether you would like to sell it or pawn it. If you choose to pawn it then the item will be placed in a safe and kept there securely for the six months. In return you will get the agreed money (loan). You then have up to six months to repay the loan with the added interest; once this has been done you will be able to reclaim your jewellery. Near the end of the loan period you will be contacted to remind you that the contract is coming to an end. If you are unable to repay the loan and interest owed, then the loan can be renewed by simply paying the interest owed. If you cannot repay the loan then the item will be sold to cover the debt. Your credit rating will not be affected. We do not report defaulted loans on your credit report as the item will recoup the loan value through selling it.